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Modern Slavery Statement

Clear Botanical is committed to conducting our business ethically and responsibly, upholding the principles of human rights and social responsibility. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines our commitment to preventing and addressing the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking within our operations and supply chain.

Our Business

Clear Botanical operates as a leading CBD blog, dedicated to providing accurate information, insights, and a sense of community in the wellness industry. We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our business.

Our Policies

We have implemented policies and procedures to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business operations. These include:

Supplier Code of Conduct

We require all our suppliers to adhere to ethical and legal labor practices. Our Supplier Code of Conduct explicitly prohibits the use of forced labor, child labor, and any form of human trafficking.

Employee Code of Conduct

Our employees are educated about our commitment to human rights, and we maintain a work environment that respects the dignity and rights of all individuals.

Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence on our suppliers to ensure they share our commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. This includes assessments of their labor practices and compliance with local and international laws.

Supply Chain Transparency

We are dedicated to transparency in our supply chain. While we strive to work with suppliers who share our values, we recognize that risks may still exist. To address this:

Risk Assessment

We regularly assess the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain, considering factors such as the geographical location of suppliers, the nature of the products, and prevailing labor conditions.

Audit and Monitoring

We conduct audits of our suppliers to ensure compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct. These audits are carried out by independent third parties to provide objective assessments.

Training and Awareness

We are committed to raising awareness and understanding of modern slavery issues within our organization. Our employees and key stakeholders are provided with training to recognize the signs of modern slavery and understand their role in preventing it.

Reporting Mechanisms

We encourage the reporting of any concerns related to modern slavery within our business or supply chain. Our employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders can report concerns through our confidential reporting mechanisms.

Review and Continuous Improvement

We regularly review and improve our efforts to combat modern slavery. This statement will be updated annually to reflect our ongoing commitment and any enhancements to our policies and practices.

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