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About Clear Botanical

Clear Botanical is a leading CBD and vape blog committed to providing accurate information, expert insights, and a vibrant community for enthusiasts and newcomers in the wellness industry. Our mission is to demystify the world of CBD and vaping, offering clarity and understanding to empower our audience to make informed choices on their wellness journey.

Why Partner with Clear Botanical?


Our team comprises industry experts, writers, and researchers passionate about the CBD and vaping landscape. Partnering with Clear Botanical ensures access to a wealth of knowledge and credible insights.

Engaged Audience

With a growing community of enthusiasts and consumers, our audience is actively seeking trustworthy information and product recommendations. Leverage our platform to connect with an engaged and targeted audience.


Clear Botanical values transparency, a principle that extends to our partnerships. We believe in open communication and collaborative relationships with our partners to ensure mutual success.

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Understanding your goals and aligning them with our audience.


Tailoring a package that suits your objectives and budget.


Implementing the agreed-upon campaign with transparency and regular updates.


Providing detailed analytics and insights post-campaign.

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For partnership inquiries, please contact our team at We are excited about the possibility of collaborating with brands that share our commitment to quality, transparency, and the wellness journey.

Thank you for considering Clear Botanical as your media partner. Together, let’s create meaningful connections and contribute to the growth of the CBD and vaping industries.

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