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Editorial Complaints Policy

At Clear Botanical, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of accuracy, transparency, and integrity in our editorial content. We value the feedback and trust of our readers and recognize that from time to time, concerns or complaints about our content may arise. This Editorial Complaints Policy outlines our procedures for addressing such concerns and ensuring a fair and timely resolution.

Types of Complaints Covered

This policy covers complaints related to:

How to Lodge a Complaint

If you believe there is an issue with our content, we encourage you to contact us. To file a complaint, please email us at with the following details:

Investigation Process

Upon receiving a complaint, we will:


Acknowledge the receipt of the complaint within 48 hours.


Conduct a thorough investigation into the complaint, involving relevant parties such as authors, editors, and fact-checkers.


Determine the validity of the complaint and take appropriate action, which may include corrections, clarifications, or updates to the content.

Resolving Complaints

If the complaint is found to be valid, we are committed to taking corrective action promptly. This may involve:

If the complaint is found to be invalid, we will provide a clear explanation of our decision to the complainant.

Timeframe for Resolving Complaints

We aim to resolve all complaints within 14 days of receiving them. If additional time is needed, we will communicate the reasons for the delay to the complainant.

Appeal Process

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the resolution, they may appeal by providing additional information or context for consideration. The appeal will be reviewed by a senior editorial team member.


Throughout the process, we will maintain transparency by keeping complainants informed of the status of their complaint and the steps we are taking to address it.

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